Oct 24

Humanitarian organizations know where your money is needed

By Joanne Marshall | Charity , Humanitarian Aid , NGO

Giving to those in need is not a must, but it is a human thing to do. Giving up on 5 percent of your pay will not hurt you and it will mean everything to some people.
The money you would spend on one night of drinking will provide food and clean water to people that lack both of those. One night of drinking versus one month of food for people that have nothing is a comparison that will show you how much you can help.hands-human
Donate your money to prominent humanitarian organizations because they are transparent and you will know where your money goes. All of those big groups have their primary locations where they focus their aid. We will list some of the most prominent humanitarian organizations and the places they send the money people to donate. We won’t list all countries in which they send their aid, but only those that other organizations and people forget.

Critical places where humanitarian aid should go

One of the biggest problems in the West Africa is the Ebola epidemic and AmeriCares, a humanitarian organization, is working to bring relief to people. They focus on Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, as they are the top three affected countries in this region. This epidemic exposed the problems and weaknesses in the response system in those countries and Americares is doing everything to change that.

ActionAid has its focuses on the Syrian crisis and El Nino, as well as South Sudan. They focus on Syrians that stayed in the Syria and the region, as they suffer the most from the ongoing war against ISIS. Even if some experts negate the effects of El Nino, it is there, and the devastation is slowly increasing. ActionAid tries to raise awareness about the future disastrous events that might hit East and Southern Africa. The creation of South Sudan should have had positive effects on the region. Contrary to the claims of the USA and EU, the situation only got worse. The poverty, drought and constant internal conflict reduced this country to nothingness and people in it are struggling to survive. ActionAid and several other organizations recognized the severity of the situation in the South Sudan, and they are trying to relieve the suffering of the poorest.

Other causes that require humanitarian aid

You have probably no idea that there is a long-lasting conflict in the Central African Republic. This country is ravaged by war and only a few organizations like Action against Hunger recognized its need for aid. The fact that more than half of people are on the edge of starvation should be alarming enough to wake up the governments around the world. The violence still continues, and the signs that it might stop are non-existent. As long as the conflict continues, the access to aid will be restricted, and that will cause the death of the youngest.
Giving away a bit of money will mean nothing to you, but it will mean everything to people that have nothing. Give, and you will feel better knowing you saved lives.

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